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One of my favorite hobbies is Dungeons & Dragons, a sword and sorcery role-playing game (RPG):

D&D tabletop game

I got my start as a player and Dungeon Master (also known as a DM or referee) in the mid 70s and have played/refereed all versions of D&D over the years. I find it a good way to exercise my creativity and imagination, as well as a great way to spend time with family and friends.

Through the use of virtual tabletop software (VTT) and the internet, I have hosted games to include players across the U.S. and Europe. To the right is a screenshot of my favorite VTT, Maptool.

Visit http://www.rptools.net for more information on Maptool and other useful utilities for online gaming.

Maptool Screenshot

Along with reading and gaming, another one of my favorite pastimes is writing; whether it is scenarios for my games, short stories, or poetry:


Frost, like deathly fingers
creeps along the land,
causes me to shiver,
life sleeps,
it seems to me the winter has its sword.
Humbly, the druid's pride sheds its crown to the evergreen,
the new king,
Huddled 'neath a white blanket I rest,
and await,
spring and new life.

(Ravenblade, n.d.)

Winter Scene

(Urminska, J. 2009. [Ice Tree] [JPEG File] Retrieved from

Battle of Bosworth Field

(DeLoutherbourg, P. J. 1804. [Battle of Bosworth Field] [JPEG File] Retrieved from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Bosworth_Field)


Scream, scream on!
Valiant brands plunge the horizon
and destriers pound their steaming breath
to see through slitted visors
that need we to ride further on
for battle is a capricious mistress
and glory her flowing gown
that mayhap we can love her
and live.

(Ravenblade, n.d.)