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“It won't be long now,” Kurig thought as he strained against his chains. They would be coming to take him to his beheading soon, and he would be ready for them. Kurig knew that his chances to escape the axeman were slim, but he wasn't going easily to his execution either. Regardless of his fate, it was good enough for him that the prince slipped through the Maklu's clutches.


As if on cue, footsteps approached and the cell door clattered open. In stepped a single guard. He had a confident and dangerous look about him, although he bore a good-natured smile. “You should have brought more guards with you,” growled Kurig, “I will not sell my life cheaply on my way to the chopping block.”

“It would be a pity to sell your life at all, my friend,” the guard smirked, “Besides, I am not buying.” Kurig was surprised to hear the burr of a northwestern Endelian accent in the man's speech. “What I mean to say is that I am here to rescue you.”

Kurig's mind raced. Could this be a trick?

“Desmond Shadwell, at your service,” the man said patiently, “I'm a friend of a friend.”

Shadwell deftly produced a key, and unlocked Kurig's shackles. “Now,” he said, “shall we take leave of this gods' forsaken place? Or do you wish to stay for your execution? I hear headless is quite the fashion here in Bhel.” Kurig hesitated, unsure if it was some kind of ruse. “If we don't leave soon, Kurig, we'll both be very fashionable,” Shadwell said more urgently, “I for one do not want my head decorating the city gates, nor do I want to keep my partners waiting...”

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