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Welcome to
Irik Ravenblade's

A Raven in Celtic Knotwork

The purpose of this site is to function as an exercise in web development, providing an outlet for my RPG campaign worlds and creative works. I hope to expand this site over time to encompass the accumulated development of the world of Erath, which has been the primary Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) campaign setting for my gaming groups for well over thirty-five years. Additionally, I will eventually include material that I have created for the online D&D campaign I had previously hosted, called Velisia.

Although this site is primarily a hobby site for myself and my current players, I welcome any visitor to adopt any material contained in its humble pages on the condition that proper acknowledgement is given to its sources. With this in mind, I will also make best effort to provide sources (where possible) for non-original material I have incorporated into my campaign and website.